ADHD can be an asset.

ADHD affects 50 million children in US between the ages of 5-17;
it can be a burden for many who endure the diagnosis, as well as
their families, teachers and fellow students. A healthy clinical
perspective must be applied to this condition; and parents, teachers,
coaches, and fellow clinicians need to understand the complexity
of this condition.


I hope sharing my compelling story will help others who are
struggling; as well as provide key insight for parents, teachers,
friends and therapists affected by ADHD. Recognizing and treating
underlying ADHD which negatively affected me for years,was a
pivotal turning point in my life.


I want parents to know that their child with ADHD CAN grow up and
live a productive, successful, and happy life as an adult.

“An impressive story
about listening to
yourself; not giving
up on your dreams;
not letting anything
or anyone stop
you from moving
forward; and not
letting your past
dictate your future.
Anything is possible…
even for those of us
with ADHD!”
— Christina Mars,
     BA, Psychology