This book is a reflection of what it feels like
to live with ADHD. It’s about overcoming
obstacles and accomplishing goals. It’s
about finding personal and professional
success, and, ultimately, true self-love.
It’s about learning to live with ADHD
without relying solely on medication;
and discovering that ADHD can actually
be one of your biggest assets.
Genre: Non-Fiction, Inspirational, Informative

“This is such a great
resource. I want copies
of The Fog Lifted
in my office to share
with parents.”
— Juanita C. Polito-Colvin,MD,
    St. Louis Children’s Hospital

Kristin’s story is nothing short of staggering.  Knowing Kristin as an extraordinary nurse, physician liaison, and outreach leader, I never knew what came before. She was simply a high energy, high caliber professional who’s impact was far reaching and significant. I always told her, “Whatever they pay you… it’s not enough.” I had no idea of the struggles she faced and conquered. Learning her story and challenges I was deeply moved by her hard work, determination, persistence and ambition. She turned “thinking differently” into her biggest asset. By learning to harness her energy instead of letting it pull her in different directions, she has been able to function successfully as a high caliber professional. Her story informs me in several aspects of parenting. The descriptions of struggle are generous and the victories leave one feeling hopeful. Kristin’s energy and positivity are contagious on the page and her every endeavor. She is an inspiration for those who do not believe that their dreams are attainable.

— Scott C. Silvestry, MD, Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Florida Hospital Transplant Institute


The Fog Lifted is a must read for educators who work with students with ADD or ADHD. Seymour’s book provides an honest portrayal of the internal struggles and demands of living with these conditions. When parents, teachers and the medical community work together as a team, they can provide the student with an invaluable learning program. Seymour is a testament as to how one can overcome obstacles and achieve their lifelong dreams.

— Laura K. Bartels, M.Ed., ESL Teacher, K-8, Thomasboro Academy, Charlotte, North Carolina


“I LOVED this book! A life story that acknowledges both the tough journey navigating through school with ADHD, and the triumph to overcome with success. It’s a great message of reassurance for so many parents, teens, and young adults trying to find their way.”

— Susan Lackey, MHS, OTR/L, Pediatric Occupational Therapist for Students Ages 5-21 in the School Setting


“I love this book. I grew up with a friend with ADHD and never understood why she couldn’t just fit the mold. Why didn’t she just apply herself more and stop seeking negative attention. It frustrated me. But now I get it! Kristin so clearly explains how ADHD affects a person’s life and helps me understand my friend’s behavior.”

— Christin McKay, MBA


“This is such a great resource. I want copies of The Fog Lifted in my office to share with parents.”

— Juanita C. Polito-Colvin, MD, Pediatrician, St. Louis Children’s Hospital

I truly admire and appreciate the honesty portrayed in
this book. It means so much for all who struggle with
ADD or ADHD to hear about the journey from the
perspective of someone who also functions in a clinical
role. This book provides optimism, which is so important
when adequate mental health support continues to be
such an issue in society.
— Stephanie Hess, MD, Boulder Community Health Senior
     Clinical Instructor, University of Colorado Health


The Fog Lifted is a testament to what can be accomplished when patients and physicians work together in partnership. Seymour’s success is a result of her determination, a committed family, and medical professionals who were willing to listen and take the time to truly understand her condition. In a time where the answer to many disorders is a prescription, The Fog Lifted reminds us all that treatment is a multidisciplinary effort. I believe this story brings hope to many who are facing similar challenges in their own lives.

— Nikoleta S. Kolovos, MD, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis Children’s Hospital


Kristin helped me navigate the unknown world of ADHD after my daughter was diagnosed in the ninth grade. Her professional knowledge and deep compassion for helping others, combined with her own personal struggles, enable her to connect with moms like me, who are seeking advice from a positive, caring expert.

— Martha D. Bauer, Mother of ADD Daughter, St. Louis, MO


“An impressive story about listening to yourself; not giving up on your dreams; not letting anything or anyone stop you from moving forward; and not letting your past dictate your future. Anything is possible… even for those of us with ADHD!”

— Christina Mars, BA, Psychology


“There were so many questions in my life that were unanswered… until I read this book. I had the affirmation that no, I’m not actually crazy. For someone with ADD, or anyone who has ever battled it, this is a game changer. For family members, this provides understanding, which has sadly been far too elusive until now.”

— Dan Duffy, Author, Accidental Activist, ADD’er