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Binder Endorsements

Endorsements from ADHD Experts, Educators, Parents & Patients...

Dr. Ned Hallowell, M.D., Ed.D.

(NY Times Bestselling Author, World-renowned Speaker, ADHD Leading Authority)

“Kristin has created a one-of-a-kind, brilliant, and must-have ADHD resource for those navigating the unknown world of ADHD. I have never seen anything like it. Kristin’s thorough, yet straightforward approach is essential when advocating for anyone with ADHD. This step-by-step, easy to understand workbook, accurately summarizes many different key resources. Parents of children with ADHD need one…I admire it greatly.”


Pam Kennedy, M.A.

(Certified School Psychological Examiner, St. Louis, MO)

“Kristin Seymour is pure ‘no-nonsense’ in her approach to breaking down ADHD. I have spent 40 years in the assessment and diagnoses of preschoolers through adults with learning disabilities and ADHD. This binder puts at the user’s fingertips all the things necessary to navigate the medical and educational system of diagnoses and accessing services. Kristin includes great recommendations and practical knowledge to help clients with ADHD. Kristin put into words some of the things I have been doing for 40 years. This resource binder is fantastic!!”


Leslie S.

(Mother of Child with ADHD who is a patient of Kristin Seymour)

“Kristin’s playbook for ADHD is a complete tool for any parent or adult trying to understand and manage ADHD. It is well organized, easy to navigate, and I have referred to it multiple times in just the past few weeks. I wish that I had this when my son was first diagnosed, I could have saved myself so much time and confusion of trying to understand all of the options to consider.”


Deborah Fitzgerald, M.Ed.

(Educator, M.Ed. Educational Leadership)

“Kristin Seymour provides a comprehensive and easy to use resource binder for parents to navigate the often confusing world of the educational process and medical field associated with ADHD. Drawing from her own life experiences and using simple language, this resource guides parents how to begin the process of setting up systems and maintain a sense of order and organization to ensure success and confidence for their child in all areas of life. This resource binder includes everything parents and educators need in order to plan for success, and should be a required documentation tool for educators in the future. It is what we have needed for many years to be able to collaborate and plan effectively and efficiently, with all of the necessary information in one place. Brilliant!”


Angela McConachie, DNP, MSN, RN

(Family Nurse Practitioner, Associate Professor, Goldfarb College of Nursing, St Louis, MO)

“As the parent of a newly diagnosed child with ADHD, The Fog Lifted binder has been instrumental in helping me navigate the thicket of information. This is a complete and extremely valuable tool no matter where you are in your journey with ADHD. The binder is a one-stop-shop of information; there are ideas (inside and outside the box), tools of structure and organization, recipes, and a wealth of resources, along with explanations of key documents. The material is precise and gives you exactly what you need, including examples to help you communicate with the school system. As a college professor, I understand the importance of the educational future of a child with ADHD. This binder will help parents and students get the most out of their situation and build toward a future goal. I highly recommend this binder to any parent!!”