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Kristin Seymour,MSN, RN, AHCNS-BC

Kristin Seymour is a board certified Adult
Health Clinical Nurse Specialist with ADHD.
Kristin consults with parents of children
with ADHD, principals, and peers, to discuss
diagnostic processes and factors needed
for success.

Kristin works as a Clinical Nurse Specialist at
the Washington University Heart & Vascular
Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. She is an active member at the state level on the Missouri Time Critical Diagnosis (TCD) task force. Her involvement with TCD legislation is related to the education of clinical staff, as well as implementation of the legislation statewide.

Kristin is a member of the American College of Cardiology and is considered an expert on cardiac conditions such as Congestive Heart Failure and Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Kristin has been a clinical cardiology expert with Johnson & Johnson speaker’s bureau since 2003.

Kristin lives in St. Louis with her husband of 18 years, Jim, and their two daughters.

The Fog Lifted
is a testament
to the success of a
approach to a
clinical process and
diagnosis that is so
frequently treated
by medication alone.”
— Nikoleta S. Kolovos,MD,
    Pediatric Medical Director,
    St. Louis Children’s Hospital ICU



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