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PODCAST: Kristin Seymour Joins the Circle of Success

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Kristin SeymourOn this episode of the Circuit of Success, Brett Gilliland welcomes nurse, counselor and author of The Fog Lifted A Clinician’s Victorious Journey With ADHD

Brett and Kristin sit down to talk about her experiences with ADHD, her journey to become a nurse and the help she gives to those affected by ADHD through her counseling services. Please welcome Kristin Seymour to this episode of The Circuit of Success! Listen Now: 


“Don’t be so hard on yourself, be gentle with yourself, everyone has a story, everybody has a silent battle, everyone has a journey.”

- Kristin Seymour, MSN, RN, APRN, BC.

(Bio from Psychology Today)

As an ADHD patient, an advanced practice nurse, mother of 2 ADHD teens, & ADHD coach, I understand the condition well. Many parents and principals refer to me as ADHD 911 or the ADHD Whisperer. I am passionate to help others to not suffer like I did.

I educate, support & coach people with ADHD. I am a child advocate & help navigate the unknown world of ADHD- especially requesting academic accommodations. I collaborate & discuss best practices & document recommendations that families can share with the PCP/ Pediatrician. 


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